Can’t take eyes off when start scrolling.


Solution for Advertisers

  • You can display 10 different ad copies, images or vides respectively.
  • Or you can choose to display one ad repeatedly.
  • It is a storytelling ad that placing ads in sequence.
  • The ad will be exposed in a much bigger size than existing banner ads.
  • You can inform users all the advantages of your product at the same time.

Have you ever seen this kind of ads?

Same backend technology, same traffic
3 times more clicks

Miss click 0%

No close button.
Scrollads does not lead to miss click.

Benchmark Data

Compared to similar size banner(300*250), Scrollads shows 3 times more advertisement effectiveness.
Maximum of 304% of impression, and 384% of clicks.

Mere exposure effect is a psychological phenomenon which people prefer because they are familiar. By exposing ads continuously to stick ads into their brain to make people familiar.

Like paintings discovered in caves, telling stories has been one of our most fundamental communication methods. By telling the story about the product, it will boost up effect of advertising.

Since people have emotions, and linking this emotion into advertising. Be smart on marketing to boost effectiveness of your effort toward advertising.

Dear advertiser, Which of the following would you choose?


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